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Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3Strike Force Heroes 3 is a shooting game about the adventures of a group of soldiers, the new part of the fascinating action shooter. You act against a group of terrorists who want to capture your spaceship. You are a fighter that faces a difficult mission – to defend the territory, in this case it`s your ship. Do not let anybody catch you – get a gun and get out there! Develop your character to your taste: pump him, develop special skills and unlock new weapons. Take up arms, pick vests, first aid kits and other ammunition – free ship from invaders. The game has more than 65 types of weapons, a lot of skills and fatal abilities, four unique character classes, which can be customized and played: medic, mercenary with a sniper rifle, commando, and maypole

tank. After each death in battle you can change the class of the hero. Strike Force Heroes 3 is one the greatest action games ever created. The game can be played by both adults and teens. There are levels starting from the easy to the most insane ones. The levels in this game goes up to 50 and it will be real an achievement to get there. Every level has greater hurdles as the difficulty increases. The Armor Games Inc. is the one responsible for creating this amazing game. This game can be played online for free. In this game one customize folders with the aim of achieving a certain mission. In each level there are specific missions one needs to accomplish before moving to the next level. There are a hundreds of weapons, camouflages and armory upgrade that are accessible to the player. The player can customize these settings and lead his army in accomplishing the set mission. The aims are set in a way that one has to eliminate a certain number of enemy soldiers. Usually one cannot move to the next level without accomplishing the previous set mission. There is a slot machine in heroes 3 in which one can get prizes depending on the number of slots got. The rewards in this game include cash, new weapons, and some special armory. One can also get bad rewards. These are items that include some old boots and equipments that are difficult to use. This game allows user to create their own profile online. This sounds basic but there are special features that come with this. The personalization of this game allows one to feel in the real world of combat zone. The solders are selected by the player and he or she chooses the kind of weapons they use. Even further, one chooses the abilities of the solders. There is a shop that helps the player personalize the solders to his choosing. Controls of this game are similar to other series before but one can decide to vary them. Strike Force Heroes 3 is one great game for those who want to feel the world of a real action. Wish you a good passtime. Different situations may be better suited to certain classes of characters and certain weapons. For example, a sniper rifle is not very effective on small distances. Some types of soldiers from the strike force can be better suited to fight with others, such as a tank with his abilities better resists bombings or sniper. The more you play with a certain type of character, the faster he increases his level and makes new weapons, new abilities and super murderous attacks available. Going through a company, you take part in the whole story, where your team will have to once again save humanity. In the best traditions of great shooters, each mission has its own purpose and style of play - Battle death “Deathmatch”, where you have to defeat the opposing team with the number of flags, “Domination”, when you need to capture and control points, hold them longer the enemy. “Capture the Flag”, is a mode in which you need to grab a bag with important data from your enemy base and to deliver to your own, making sure that the enemy didn`t do the same thing. In addition to the company mode can play more complex form of the game - "Call" or "Quick Play", if you are a gamer or a fan of this genre of games. Fighting will take place in laboratory, jungles of the lost Island, in a factory or on a moving train. Beautiful graphics, full voice and an ongoing action does not let you get bored. Very addictive shooter for boys, difficult to break away. To control the hero use the - A, D / move to the side, jump - W / up arrow to crouch and crawl - S / Down Arrow exchange Weapons - Q, pause - P.

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